Our Rockstars

Singing Ignition Rockstars have successfully completed 6 months of the program. They are dynamic individuals, dedicated to growing as singers and artists.


Roberto Lopez / Canada

Roberto has a dream to sing for people one day, and he has found the steps toward that dream in Singing Ignition!




Stephen Warner / USA

As a trial lawyer, Stephen struggled to be heard in court. See how Singing Ignition transformed his voice!




Norma Zervos / Bahamas

Working with Spencer and the Singing Ignition program has taught Norma how to sing impressive high notes without straining!




Yiming Pan / China

Yiming talks about how Singing Ignition has reduced vocal strain and increased his confidence both in his singing and his professional career!




Tasleem Rajwani / Canada

Tasleem loves the convenience and effectiveness of the Singing Ignition approach. Her voice has blossomed thanks to our tailored approach!




Sophia Mitchell / USA

Sophia found Singing Ignition at just the right time as she was transitioning into a touring, professional singer.




Ricki Prosper / Canada

Ricki took private lessons with Spencer years ago and then moved away. Listen to how Singing Ignition has filled that gap since!




Gaelan de Wolf / USA

Gaelan now has confidence and joy when she sings. She's not just singing background in her band...she now sings lead!




Pier Vincenzo / Italy

Watch Pier explain how the Singing Ignition program has helped him achieve his dreams!




James King / USA

By practicing with the right exercises, James has learned a the skill every singer should master: blending registers! 




Juan Davila / USA

Juan says YouTube videos and other singing programs weren't offering the training he was seeking...and then he found Singing Ignition!




Moon Eldridge / USA

Moon started as a beginner singer with no training and now a year later, is booking professional gigs! 




Trina Cook / USA

Trina now understands how her voice works and how to release the tension she's struggled with for years.




Stan Kriventsov / Canada

Stan appreciates how personalized and cost-effective Singing Ignition is. He sees it as a great choice not just for intermediate singers like himself, but also for beginners!




Leora Rosen / USA

Singing is like a meditation for Leora, and she gets so much gratification practicing and growing along with our lesson plans.




Eduardo Roldan / Mexico

Eduardo now has more self-confidence and loves his voice! Thanks to Spencer's training, he has seen his vocal range increase and his breaks smooth out. 




Lucas Alexandre dos Santos / Brazil

Lucas sings very challenging rock songs in his band, and Singing Ignition has made the high notes easier to sing night after night!




Jeff Andrew / Canada

After taking voice lessons with other teachers and programs, Jeff has seen the most improvement working with Singing Ignition...and it's affordable!