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Your Own Personal Vocal Coach in Your Pocket

Finally a revolutionary 
self-study singing program
that lets you practice 
techniques customized for you
...wherever and whenever you want!



Spencer Welch / Singing Ignition Creator


All you want to do...

...is sing your favourite songs with confidence and feel good about your voice.

But you’re stuck – every time you try singing, there’s always THAT note in the song.

You start straining or cracking...it’s discouraging not to mention embarrassing!

You search social media for tips, but it’s hard to know who to trust...

...and which techniques apply to you!

The problem with a YouTube video is it can’t give you the feedback you need!

It can’t determine what your voice needs and adjust to how your voice reacts.

That’s what a good voice teacher does. 

But maybe you don't have the time or budget for singing lessons.

So you're stuck buying a singing course that can’t give you the feedback you need.

Maybe you don't feel comfortable yet sharing your talent with anyone else!

The revolutionary SINGING IGNITION system!

If every singer has different needs, why do the same program everyone else is? 
You need something customized to YOU!
We've completely reimagined the self-study singing course:

Upload a sample of your singing for our voice experts to assess

We’ll choose a singing program tailored for your needs

No one-size-fits-all exercises!
Do you struggle with breathiness and lack of strength? No problem, we have a program for that!
Do you crack or strain on high notes? There’s a program designed for you!


After 10 weeks, we will assess your progress and open the next module curated for you – to build on your success and push you to the next level!


Our Rockstars

See how Singing Ignition is helping Pier Vincenzo reach his dreams!



Learn cutting-edge techniques that target your weaknesses and build your unique voice. 


No boring lessons allowed! We bring singing to life, breaking it down so it's easy to understand.


You'll feel like you're right there in Spencer's studio, singing along and sharing the laughs.

Get Video Feedback with our New PREMIUM Membership!

Do you wish a vocal expert could listen in to your practice time, giving you feedback and pointers?
Do you struggle to apply techniques from exercises into the songs you want to sing?
Introducing PREMIUM Singing Ignition, available in both Monthly and Annual payment plans!
With Premium, enjoy all the exciting Singing Ignition features PLUS:

2 Feedback Videos per month

With our in-app technology, submit a recording of yourself singing an exercise or a song excerpt. Spencer will send you a feedback video (up to 5 minutes long), giving you feedback and tips for improvement. 

1 Assessment Feedback Video

Every time you submit a 10-week Assessment, Spencer will send you a personalized video assessment of your voice.

How Singing Ignition is changing lives!


"I have found Spencer Welch's vocal lessons through Singing Ignition to be excellent, and I can say that they really do work. The lesson plan videos are very well done, and it feels as if Spencer is providing a personal lesson just for me. Practicing four or five times a week has strengthened my voice, and I feel much more confident. "

Al Gillespie
Hobby Singer/Guitarist - Canada

"I'm now 4 months into the program and have improved more than I did in the last 5 years. I'm excited to see what further improvement there will be!"

Gaelan de Wolf
Performing Artist - USA

"Spencer’s Singing Ignition course is groundbreaking in terms of self-study singing courses. Finally, a course that finds a way to blend personalized feedback and lesson plans with self-study videos and vocal exercises. Spencer’s teaching style is clear and to the point, making it easy to understand how and why you are doing each exercise. Spencer makes Singing Ignition a fun and enjoyable course that truly teaches you to sing better no matter what level you are starting from. For singers who may not have a budget for private lessons, this is a fantastic way to get to work with a master teacher."

Annie Little
Singer/Actor/Vocal Coach - Los Angeles

Imagine a program that helps you sing the way you've always dreamed...

Does your voice feel weak and breathy?

Build strength and richness in your voice!

Do you crack on high notes?

Erase your break and build confidence!

Do you strain and lose your voice when you sing?

Find more ease and freedom in your singing!

We will pinpoint where you are struggling and open up the right program for you.

Singing just feels good when you have the tools and experienced guidance to reach your potential!

 It’s like having your own personal voice teacher on your devices, ready to train you whenever it’s convenient for you!

Customized Lesson Plans
every 2 weeks


Feedback Videos of
Your Exercises & Songs


Vocal Assessment
Every 2 Months


Ready to end the frustration, wondering why your voice gets stuck on an exercise or song? Get Premium Singing Ignition today!

Sing Better, Live Better

Find confidence and fulfillment in your singing from the comfort of your own home!




Cutting edge training to build range and tone while reducing tension and breaks

Personalized program targets your unique needs

4+ years of lesson videos (and growing!) for Spencer to choose from for you

New Individualized Lesson every 2 weeks

Monthly Coaching Calls

Member Community for support

New voice module every 10 weeks

Members-only Private Lesson Discounts

24/7 access on all your devices

15 Day Money Back Guarantee

Cancel anytime





Everything included in the Classic plan 

PLUS 2 Song or Exercise feedback videos per month!

Voice Assessment video every 10 weeks!





Everything included in the Classic plan 

PLUS 2 Song or Exercise feedback videos per month!

Voice Assessment video every 10 weeks!

SAVE 30% off Monthly Rate

15 Day Money Back Guarantee

SAVE 30%

Roberto Lopez / Canada

This truck driver is practicing with Singing Ignition every day on the road ...and seeing his dreams come true!


See our Rockstars talk about how Singing Ignition has changed their lives!


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